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Beyond Wrinkles: Understanding Age-Related Skin Changes

Many of us recognize that with age comes changes. Your hair may lose its color, your body may not be as limber, and your skin may develop wrinkles and fine lines. But, especially when it comes to skin, there are ways to address these changes. .

Skin care options, such as chemical peels, help target the reason behind our age-related skin changes.

Learn what factors are behind skin aging and what you can do to help prevent and address it with skincare options like chemical peels, which help restore your skin to a youthful vibrancy.

Why Does Skin Change With Age?

Your skin is made up of key structural components, each with its own unique responsibility. One major protein you may have heard of is collagen. Collagen is a connective tissue protein that helps give skin its structure. As we age, collagen production, quality, and replenishment decline.

This means that not only do we have less collagen, but the collagen we have is of lower quality and takes longer to replace. Not only does this lead to the changes associated with age, such as fine lines and wrinkles, but it also contributes to slower healing of cuts and scrapes as we age.

How To Combat Aging Skin With Chemical Peels

Because of collagen’s role in the development of age-related skin changes, skin care treatments that address collagen production can help combat these changes. Chemical peels provide an excellent way to increase both new skin growth and collagen production. Studies demonstrate that chemical peels at all levels provide exfoliative and regenerative properties.

The different levels of the chemical peel relate to how deep the chemical solution penetrates the skin. Superficial chemical peels provide the most shallow penetration, while deep peels provide the deepest. Medium peels land between the two.

The depth of the peel corresponds to the robustness of the results you obtain as well as the recovery time, with deep peels taking up to two weeks to recover from and superficial a few days.

Regardless of which peel you choose, each level of chemical peel may help address collagen production loss associated with age.

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