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Psoriasis Awareness Month: Managing Your Symptoms

August is Psoriasis Awareness Month, dedicated to raising awareness and educating the public about this common autoimmune disorder. If you are living with Psoriasis, this month is the perfect time to check in with your dermatologist, review your symptom management strategies, and explore the various treatment options available.

We know that living with psoriasis can sometimes feel overwhelming, with scaly rashes and skin discomfort affecting your quality of life. Thankfully, modern treatments can greatly help patients manage this condition.

Managing Your Symptoms

The most important step to successfully manage your psoriasis symptoms is identifying your triggers.

Psoriasis flare ups are caused by a malfunction in the immune system leading to a buildup of cells on the skin’s surface. This process is often exacerbated by various triggers, including:

  • Skin injuries
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Stress
  • Certain illnesses
  • Specific medications
  • Cold, dry weather

Try keeping a journal of your symptoms and triggers. That way, you can provide valuable information to our providers and help us create a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Treatment Options Available

Dr. Alfredo Fernandez, our board-certified dermatologist, has helped many children and adults manage their psoriasis using a comprehensive approach. The best treatment for your psoriasis will depend on the type of psoriasis, your age, and your responses to past medications.

Topical treatments, including corticosteroids, retinoids, and vitamin D creams, are usually the first line of defense. If these prove ineffective, oral medications like cyclosporine, retinoids, or methotrexate may be prescribed.

If these medications don’t do the trick in managing your symptoms, our dermatologists may recommend alternative interventions like narrowband ultraviolet-B light therapy. This slows the production of excess skin cells and is sometimes combined with oral and topical therapies.

Schedule a Consultation With ADF Dermatology 

Psoriasis can be a significant cause of physical discomfort and emotional distress. Our providers, led by dermatologist Dr. Fernandez, are here to help you manage this frustrating condition.

However, with our caring specialists at ADF Dermatology and Skin Surgical Center, you can gain control over your condition. Schedule a consultation online for either Sarasota or Port Charlotte, Florida. Call 941-906-7546 to book your appointment in Sarasota, or 941-743-7546 to schedule in Port Charlotte.

Use this Psoriasis Awareness Month to make a positive change in your life.


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